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Norton Cancer Institute routinely sees patients who have noncancerous hematology problems, such as anemia, white blood cell or platelet disorders, and sickle cell disease.

Many Norton Cancer Institute specialists are board certified to treat cancer and hematology issues. They have completed a combined three-year fellowship to earn the option for dual certification. Others may have specialized training only in benign and cancerous disorders of the blood.

“The two fields often overlap. Together, our experts in these subspecialties give us a powerful way to tackle cancer and noncancerous blood disorders in a comprehensive, multidisciplinary way,” said Joseph M. Flynn, D.O., MPH, FACP, chief administrative officer, Norton Medical group; and physician-in-chief, Norton Cancer Institute.

Most hematology disorders affect how blood is produced and how it works. Such changes often cause unusually low or high blood cell counts. They can also prevent blood cells from forming properly.

Also, Norton Children’s Cancer Institute is home to Kentucky’s only pediatric hematology program and the largest pediatric coagulation (clotting) center in the state.

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