10 Incredible Business Ideas for Technopreneurs

The Australian technology industry is growing fast, and forecasts indicate that it will continue to do so. Research shows that country-wide spending on technology will increase by 3.6% in 2021, and the industry will be worth A$95.8 billion. Now is a great time, more than ever, to start a tech-related business in Australia.

But if you’re not sure which niche of technology to explore and which tech business to start, you’ve come to the right place. Here we explore the ten best tech and tech-related business ideas that you can consider getting involved in. Let’s get started.

·      Software training company 

With more Australian companies increasing investment in technology, you will see increased demand for training service providers. Companies will want to invest in equipping their employees with the skills they need to support IT.

New businesses can either be training generalists, offering training in multiple software niches. For example, how Coursera, Udemy and other sites are. Or they can be specialists, which trains clients in specific types of software—for example, CRM trainers or SAP trainers.

·      Computer, smartphone & smartwatch repairs store 

The world as a whole will never stop using computers, laptops, smartphones and smartwatches. If anything, we will see the development of even more innovative technology as the years proceed. There will be a demand for companies that can support intelligent tech manufacturers by offering repairs and maintenance services.

If you have the technical skills to offer computer and brilliant tech repair work, you should consider building a business in it. You can even partner with a company and become their go-to tech repair professional.

·      Research & reporting company 

Internet research is not an easy thing to do. From university students who need help with their projects to companies who want to customer research studies, many Australians use the services of research & reporting companies.

If you want to do internet research, you need to know how to access various sites that are not easily accessible. There may even be the need to visit the dark web to get confidential information that isn’t readily available to the general public.

If you’re great at research and know-how to analyse the data you dig up and can create an understandable report from it, you should consider setting up a research & reporting company. This makes for a great work from home business idea.

·      Business analytics company 

The Australian Data Analytics Market is expected to grow by 20% in the year. This means you’ll have a booming market at your disposal to make a profitable living. If you have a degree in Business Analytics and know how to use the various tools, you can easily offer BA services to companies who need your help. With eCommerce growing at a phenomenal pace this year, a BA company makes excellent business sense.

·      Website design & content management company 

Ecommerce is booming in Australia, and the industry has been forecasted to be worth $32. 3 billion by 2024. Since more customers are heading online to shop and browse, brands will need to invest in their online appearance. This is where website design and content creation come in.

If you’re interested in starting a tech-related business, you can consider starting a website design and content management company. Your website design will make your product/service more appealing. Simultaneously, your content will engage, educate and inspire your clients to purchase from you.

·      Online marketplace

Online marketplaces are becoming viral thanks to the convenience they offer customers. From eBay to Amazon to Postmates to Etsy, you have numerous highly lucrative companies. These days, there is massive scope for starting online marketplaces on the micro-level. For example, pharmaceutical & medicine marketplaces for a specific neighbourhood or book rental marketplaces for a particular city.

You’ll need to be good at technology while also having excellent networking skills so that you can bring vendors onboard your marketplace.

·      3D printing company 

3D printing technology has come a long way today. The great thing about it is that absolutely anything can be 3D printed. If you have graphic design, animation, engineering or fine arts skills, you can easily invest in a 3D printer and work with different companies to print products for them. 3D printing skills are transferrable across sectors, and you’ll always have clients as the years pass.

·      Ebook publisher 

Ebooks are getting increasingly popular these days. As more people become sustainable and eco-friendly, many authors choose to get their works published as ebooks.

Additionally, with the rise in self-publishing platforms such as Kindle Direct Publishing, iBooks, Kobo and LuLu, it has become easier for new authors to publish their material independently. Finally, the affordable cost of ebooks and subscription services like Kindle Unlimited make this format particularly alluring to readers.

If you’re interested in publishing, starting an ebook publishing company can be the right choice.

·      Cybersecurity company 

According to the Australian Institute of Criminology reports, the nation experiences a financial loss of A$3.5 billion per year due to cybercrimes and data privacy attacks. As countries worldwide become more stringent with their data security regulations (such as GDPR), companies in Australia need to upgrade their cybersecurity landscape. This is where you can come in and offer cutting-edge cybersecurity and data protection services.

If you are interested, you can even seek training in running a Data Protection Officer service, so you can offer DPO services to global companies who require their help.

·      Managed IT, support provider 

Not every company has the finances to set up a full-fledged IT support system. But these frontend and backend IT services are essential for the company’s success.

This can be great news for you since you can offer these services as a third-party managed IT services provider. These worked IT services can include:

o Network & server set-up

o IT security

o IT troubleshooting & help desk

o Cloud services

o Mobile computing support

o SaaS service

With new start-ups coming up every day in Australia, you’ll be able to tap into many businesses as a managed IT services provider.


The above ten tech-related businesses have a promising future in Australia. But before you decide to pursue any of them actively, consider getting business insurance to protect yourself and your business. You can learn about this insurance on this website.


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